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TuneUp.Utilities.2013.v13.0 Free Download From M2Softwares

Size: 28.53 MB 

Cleans and increases PCs like never before:
NEW! TuneUp Drive Better 2013: Baby wipes system mess from over
150 popular programs
NEW! TuneUp Web browser Better 2013: Clears up 25 browsers
MORE POWERFUL! TuneUp Personal computer Better & TuneUp Shortcut

NEW! TuneUp Stay Marketing 2.0: Increases performance of

Discover All New Features:

NEW! - TuneUp Drive Better 2013
NEW! - TuneUp Web browser Better 2013
NEW! - TuneUp Stay Marketing 2.0
STRONGER! - TuneUp Quick way Cleaner
STRONGER! - TuneUp Personal computer Cleaner

Improve Performance and Power supply Life:
Massive performance loss and intolerable slowdowns donÆt just
occur on historical Windows XP machines. As a point in fact, they
oftentimes hit even the quickest Windows 8 notebooks and desktops
around. But not anymore!

TuneUp Programs 2013 takes your PC to the next performance
level, ensuring lightning-fast application loading time and
extended battery lifespan that can withstand even the lengthiest visits.

NEW! - TuneUp Stay Marketing 2.0
Fully automated! - TuneUp Program Deactivator
TuneUp Economic system Mode
Turbo Mode
Disable start-up programs
Accelerate system start-up and shutdown
Defragment difficult disk

Take Care of Your PC and Information Clutter:

The perfect PC clean-up in less than 5 minutes? Now itÆs easier
than ever thanks to TuneUp Programs 2013 which eliminates thousands
of mb of Windows mess while relaxing your registry
and removing large difficult drive space hogs. The all-in-one maintenance
of TuneUp Programs 2013 makes sure your PC becomes cleaner and
faster than ever before.

NEW! - TuneUp Drive Better 2013
NEW! - TuneUp Web browser Better 2013
STRONGER! - TuneUp Personal computer Cleaner
STRONGER! - TuneUp Quick way Cleaner
1-Click-Maintenance & Automatic Maintenance
Uninstall unwanted programs
Find and Remove Large Amounts of Data

Restore or fresh data files securely:

Keeping your details private and secure is crucial. TuneUp Utilities
top three resources enable you to recover unintentionally eliminated data files,
clean out data records from your difficult drive, and securely wipe
sensitive data files to avoid them from dropping into the
wrong hands.

NEW! - TuneUp Drive Better 2013
Restore eliminated files
Delete data files safely

Analyze and diagnose your PC:

Tired of contacting up PC experts or costly technical hotlines? Then help
yourself with TuneUp Programs. Its easy-to-use magicians and
diagnostic resources help you discover weaknesses, mistakes, and your
PCÆs low compertition performance potential. With TuneUp Programs youÆll
get rid of the most frustrating Windows issues of all time with
just a few mouse clicks and force your PC to perform better than ever.

Show system information
Status & suggestions (category)
Optimization status
Increase performance - recommendations
Program rating
Display and close running processes
Detect and fix problems
Check difficult drive for errors

Personalize Windows:

Bored with the same Windows styles, logon displays or icons?
Ready to give your PC a makeover? TuneUp Programs 2013 offers
unique personalization opportunities that will convert the same old
and tedious Windows XP Lunux and Windows seven Aero design to
something new, smooth, and interesting. And once youÆre done with
that, TuneUp System Management allows you modify more than 400 hidden
Windows and system configurations.

Customize the appearance of Windows (TuneUp Styler)
Customize options and actions (TuneUp System Control)

More Great Features:

With its stylish and highly effective Begin Middle interface, TuneUp
Utilities books users through all their optimization actions and
helps them fix issues with their PC, Windows, or 3rd party
software. Thanks to our brand new Settings Middle, you will also
have access to the most important configurations and update
features of TuneUp Programs 2013. And once you are done, the
Optimization Review provides you with a complete history of
problems fixed, adjusting actions conducted, and data clutter

Start Center
Overview of all functions
TuneUp Programs Settings Center
Check for Updates
Optimization Report

Fully compatible:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Full Support for Windows 8:

Get prepared for the future of Windows » with the all-new TuneUp
Utilities 2013
Fully enhanced for Windows 8
Prevents the constant recession that affects even the new
Windows 8
Keeps your PC fresh from day 1

Installation instructions:
Install TuneUpUtilities2013_en-US.exe. Copy material of the
Crack directory to the set up directory of TuneUp Programs 2013,
making sure to overwrite the current data files. Next import
Registration.reg into your registry by double simply clicking the file.
You now have a completely authorized edition of Tuneup Programs 2013!

Thats it! Enjoy.

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