Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GTA IV v0.9 Mod by coffecup 2013 Full Free Download

GTA IV v0.9 Mod by coffecup 2013 Full Free Download

Language: English | PC | Developers: Rockstar North and Rockstar Toronto | Publisher: Rockstar Games | 769 MBGenre: Action (Shooter) / Racing (Cars / Motorcycles) / 3D / 3rd Person

PC Gaming Edition for GTA IV - a new mod for GTA IV with new graphics based on ENB, new transport and partially recycled physics.

Features fashion:
ENB is based on a mix of Compotik'a 19.02.2013. Great for the game. It has a beautiful, smooth, spring pictures, which now can be very useful. The colors are soft and natural - the eyes a rest. Moreover, unlike the others, it is not too greedy and do not cause crashes or loss of textures. Included are options for weaker computers.

All cars except for trucks, vans and motorcycles, replaced by quality. Plus added 24 additional machines, including tales of the episodes. Many machines added new colors. The author has tried to maintain the same set of cars and what was in the original game, and at the same time that he was out as soon as possible a variety of types and brands of cars. Machines are displayed correctly and not fall into the texture of any dramatization, no scripted chase. That is, you can easily re-pass the entire storyline of the game.

All machines have a revised management. Some Handling altered in part, the other thoroughly, and some completely rewritten.

Installation (from the author):
It's very simple. Choose the desired component and copy the contents to a folder with GTA IV.Ustanavlivat be patched to a clean version
1. Base folder contains the basis fashion: the actual KarPak, xliveless, no-intro patch, tuned trainer, as well as files to support scripts.
2. In the folder you will find yourself ENB config and options for different computers.
3. In your HD Road Textures, respectively, are high-quality new road textures.
4. In the folder Traffic scripts you will need to choose one of two traffic this: Traffic Control and Traffic Load.
-I recommend to select the Traffic Control. It is slightly bugged, but it does not load the system and it does its task.
Copy the scripts folder in the folder of your GTA.
-Another script - Traffic Load is supposed to be better, but to put it is only in that case if you have a very powerful computer.
Otherwise, you are likely to begin to disappear textures, the game will start to fail and eventually take off. I do not advise.
For him, I put a few options: 5 cars, 10 cars and 20 cars in the cycle. The more machines in the cycle, the greater the load.
5. With the installation sorted out.
Now check and delete the following folder (if you have one):
For Windows 7
-Username / My Documents / Rockstar Games / GTA IV - except your music
-Username / AppData / Local / Rockstar Games / GTA IV
6. Everything is ready. Enjoy!


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